Our goal: the perfect date

We want to create the perfect date for both our models and their clients. And we believe that a perfect date is best based on a perfect match as a foundation.

The art (and science) of matchmaking

Bringing two (or even more) people together is a fascinating task and this matchmaking has both aspects of an art and a science.

It calls for a lot of experience and talent in dealing with soft factors but it also calls for thorough and accurate information.

Understanding our models and their clients

In order to create the perfect match, we aim at a deep understanding of both our models and their clients.

What are their tastes and preferences? What are their turn-ons and turn-offs? What are their favourites and fantasies?

What does that mean for you as a client?

To enable us to put all our effort in making your night, weekend or vacation perfect we would like to know who you are and which kind of woman turns your head. Tell us about yourself and your dreams.


What’s your age and what’s your lifestyle? What’s your look and build? What’s your background and which languages do you speak? What are your hobbies and how would you describe your personality?


What’s your dream woman like? Are you looking for an educated, young student, a glamorous fashion model, a fun and party girl, the natural beauty next door, a mature career woman on eye level? What style of clothing do you fancy and which sort of lingerie do you find irresistible? Would you like something more exceptional? What are your expectations, dreams and desires?


We look forward to hearing from you.